Dental tourism

For years our patients who live abroad have been visiting us during their vacation. Lately, the number of foreign citizens who got recommendation from them has increased.

Communication with the patients from abroad is significantly improved with the use of the internet. Most often the patients send an e-mail containing a detailed description of their problem and an x-ray. This is followed by our analysis of the problem. We send an e-mail with the possible solutions to the problem and the approximate calculation of the costs of the entire therapy. In that way, we get the preliminary idea of the plan and duration of the therapy. According to it, the patient can organize their stay. If the patient decides to be treated in our dental practice we arrange the exact date of the first check-up. In the first check up we once again decide on the final plan of the therapy based on the clinical examination. Then, the therapy can start.

Communication between us and the patient is easy due to our fluency in English.

We are located in the city centre in the vicinity of numerous hotels, hostels and rental apartments and we can help you organize your stay and find suitable accommodation.